When you meet that special person who connects with you sexually, it only improves to greatness.  Kissing becomes KISSING, passion becomes PASSION, and sexual gratification becomes DEEP SEXUAL STIMULATION; now, you aim to please.  I love sucking my boyfriend’s dick, because he truly LOVES it; but, not more than I because I get TOTALLY turned on.  He is not into eating pussy, but HE is well aware that I MUST CLIMAX.  And I have to say that he gets an A+; because all he wants to do is get me so turned on that I can’t help but have the BIG O.  I LOVE climaxing, but the real joy comes during the

Pleasure Journey,

the buildup, the Foreplay.  When he comes home and we get ready for bed, we are definitely overjoyed with our sexual connection that’s bought about to satisfy our sexual needs, wants and desires.  He is perfect to me, and I enjoy him every time we connect.