I love being on top…it is a SURE way of me climaxing. Thanks for sharing, a great read.

Sex, Love and Desire

Being the submissive, doe-eyed girl can be an incredibly sexy image for guys, but sometimes you just have to play it a little differently and get on top. Taking control away from the guy can be very hot for them too (even if they don’t know it yet!), since they are entirely powerless to your caresses and naughtiness. To make this work you need to be teasing and dirty – do whatever you want to do to him. I took Tom into my hands (quite literally) and the result was spectacular.

We were both naked after a shower and a lazy afternoon of watching TV. I pushed Tom down on the bed and straddled him, kissing him at the same time. I licked his ear, nibbling on it gently before working my way down his body, kissing his chest, nipples and stomach. I gently sucked on and nibbled his nipples…

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