Pure, unadulterated amazing sex. An excellent read of the joy of love, and oral sex. I solute you…P2 (Passion for the Pussy and Passion for the Penis) warriors.

Sex, Love and Desire

I’d been away for the weekend, so Tom and I were naturally horny when I arrived back. We were preparing dinner: Tom was chopped an onion while I put dishes away from lunch. When I was finished with the dishes, I slipped my arms around Tom while he was dicing the onion, careful not to disturb him too suddenly and gave him a squeeze, pressing myself up against his back. His top was bare since our flat was rather hot and I kissed his back, running all the way down to the top of his trousers. My hands were still around his middle and I slowly reached down, brushing his dick as if accidentally. I felt him stiffen as I did so, his breathing catching. I brushed his cock with my hand again, this time harder and more deliberately. It was growing hard under my touch. I stroked his cock…

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