is what you want to achieve during your sexual Pleasure Journey. Sexual stimulation at the start of sex is a prerequisite to set the ball in motion for the climatic Big O. Your mind should not rest upon any hindrances, and you need to wipe your mind clean of any stressors, as any distracted thoughts must vanish into thin air. Your vulnerability will be exposed, which is a good thing as there are

no sexual inhibitions in unadulterated, purely gratifying sex.

The cosmic energy that you share so openly is transferred and feeding off of one another, heightening  your sexual tension and desire will make it easier to climax together.  Touching, tasting, and seeing your erogenous zones ignites your sexual hunger as your sense of smell heightens, as you sense your body burning deep from the

sexual stimulation

that you are both bringing. Your moans float in the air and hearing that sound intoxicates both of your very beings. That lasting ache, wanting and needing to release is closer than you think. You are not afraid to surrender to unadulterated, purely gratifying sexual pleasure as you both climax together.