Short Prose Thursday…

On any given day, when the sun rises so does his manhood.  His worst fear is not finding a very interested party, like his wife, to help him bring his Rock of Gibraltar down to its relaxed state. As he lay in bed, massaging his stiff penis, balls throbbing, head dripping, he ached to be inside the walls of a waiting, wet pussy.

“Please, take my penis hostage and choke its head until it begs and gasps for air!”

Mmmm, he thinks, as his hand caresses and massages his manhood.  Boy, he truly loves and enjoys touching and pleasing himself but definitely not too long.  It’s been three days, and I have not busted a nut, he thought. His eyes were glued on the back of his wife’s jet-black mane of silky hair.  His hands made their way over and began caressing her scalp.  She started to move and moaned at his touch.

“Ooh, Baby,” she said, “are you trying to turn me on, because it’s working. I am horny as hell.”  Before he could answer her, within seconds, she was lost under the sheets, and he felt her lips on his manhood.

“Oooh, Baby, aaah, Baby,” he moaned.  She greeted his penis with a warm, loving hello by kissing, licking and making small suction movements with her mouth to compliment his hardness.  He felt warm and fuzzy, wanting to fuck now and not let this moment end, as he was walking on Cloud Nine.

“Hi, Big Boy,” she whispered as his eyes met her beautiful, deep sea-blue eyes, capturing his very being.

“Hi, Baby,” he said, as she eased on top of his Rock of Gibraltar.  He melted into her; she melted into him and rode him like a number-one jockey at the Kentucky Derby.  They climaxed and yelled to release the pure elation they created together. She collapsed on to his sweaty chest and was kissing and messaging his nipples as he stroked her silky hair.

“Baby, that was simply amazing,” he said, “as you never like sex in the morning.”

She looked up at him and said, “I dreamed that you had torn off my clothes as I came home from work and you fucked the shit out of me. And you did just that.”  She snaked down to his manhood again and gave him a masterful blow job.

“Today is going to be a good day,” he said.