Stop, relax, relate and climax are the joys of life. Life at times can be a challenging bitch in heat, but when you focus on the ‘NOW’, and not things you don’t have no control over, you can let it go. You could start by allowing your mind, body and spirit to enjoy a relaxing bath, fresh-cut flowers on a Friday after work, or the start of some heavy sexual petting…just get it done. Life is too short to live in a tomb of time; so, open yourself to enjoy the simple pleasures of life–like oral sex.

Oral sex is a de-stresser: a relaxer, a soother, an enhancer of sexual gratification, an aphrodisiac because it causes and creates arousal, and a guarantee of an orgasm. We need to learn to take advantage of what our bodies have to offer when it comes to sex, then maybe we will learn the true essence of enjoying sexual gratification by way of oral sex.