Ok: I just finished watching Oprah, and I have never watched Oprah without tearing up.  But what I got out of her show today was that love is limitless, and it has no boundaries.  Any time pleasure is mixed with love, anything can be enjoyed.  Regardless of how you may love your spouse or partner, make sure that love is in the equation.  Whether it’s love making, sex or oral sex, spread that love all over your partner’s body–giving and sharing the joys that you are both enjoying at the moment.  When we live in the NOW and add LOVE in the mix, it’s a blatant peace that will slap you in the face and hug you in the process.   I enjoy the art of loving that includes oral sex because I am passionate and giving in what I do.  I am able to draw my partner in where inhibitions do not exist, because we are caught up in the NOW moment of pure unadulterated pleasure.  Learn to give of yourself so freely without any conditions or comprising things that want to kill the expressive self.  Sex, oral sex, and love making are great things, and they do the body good.