Actually, oral sex can guarantee you and your partner an Orgasm For Sure (OFS) during sex if done properly.  It’s one of my prerequisites during sex; in that, if you don’t eat, I don’t suck: plain and simple.  We are all adults and naked at the start of sex with no inhibitions (so you hope); so let’s get busy.  Most people who believe that oral sex is bad, disgusting, and perverted are definitely a throw back from the Leave It To Beaver Era (late 1950s).  When sleeping in separate beds was portrayed on black & white television as the norm.  If you truly believe this and your mind is closed to oral sex, just ask your teens, your male and female counterparts, or your husband if he enjoys having his dick sucked. With the possible exception of Ken Cuccinelli: “the VA Republican running for governor is obsessed with outlawing sodomy and oral sex in his state.”  My friend Tony once said, “Wives don’t suck dick, but girlfriends do.”  Men LOVE having their dick sucked, as much as most women love having their pussy eaten.  I know that I do.   Our bodies are designed to enjoy pleasure whether it is from sports, fashion, literature, or sex; we gain excitement.  So why not step it up a notch and enjoy sex to the fullest with sexual oral gratification?  Oral sex will take you to places that you can only imagine.